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Are you looking for alternative ways to gently and naturally help you overcome stressors from the environment, trauma, food, etc. or pain in the sciatic, knees, lower back, hamstrings, wrist, tennis elbow, migraines, respiratory, digestion, shoulder, neck, allergies and various other conditions? There are alternative ways as your body works to naturally heal itself instead of taking a pill for a temporary or quick fix. The techniques described in detail below will help your body overcome stress, pain, chronic illness, stagnant energetic body flow.  Katherine Johnson of Calm Energy Wellness provides these quality wellness solutions using gentle moves, acupuncture points and pulse electromagnetic therapy to energetically help the body correct itself. The goal of these techniques is reaching a free state of well-being in body relaxation, balance and restoration. I invite you to join me opening your heart and mind to release your current or past conditions!


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Relaxing, Balance, Restoring & More

Calm Energy Wellness helps clients with freeing their body of current and past conditions through non-invasive techniques of relaxation, balance, restoration and more. In order to reach this new goal, we offer a variety of services. Take a look at the services we offer, and imagine how to have this by simply contacting us to setup an appointment!

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