The Calm Energy Wellness Journey

Welcome! Meet Katherine with Calm Energy Wellness, who is originally from Illinois and now resides in the North Dallas, Texas area. Bringing passion to help others with various modalities in the holistic and bioenergy community and a background in technology. There continues to be passion to add more tools to the business to help others grow too...

To be a bit vulnerable with you… the reason I got into this work was because a while back, it was me who was struggling with stressful situations. This high stressful challenge was tense especially in my shoulders and I was feeling low. I used to go to bed thinking how I am going to get work done. And I would wake up feeling overwhelmed. I mentally and physically was stressed out. Then, one day, I finally came to terms on how I was stressed and how emotionally I was of all the things I was thinking constantly. I thought to myself: What can I do to overcome this high stress? So I drew a line in the sand and started looking for support. So, even though I was hesitant, I invested time and money into learning how I could overcome stress and become more at peace.  And, I am so glad I did. I experience positivity, motivation and happiness.  And, most mornings, I wake up feeling happy to start my day and know I can do what I can get done. And, I often go to sleep at night feeling grateful and happy for the day. My life is not perfect, but it is SO good that I have learned skills on how to manage stress in my life. So, even though I’ve come a LONG way, I am still so present to the struggle that so many people wrestle with every day.  And, that is why I do the work I do. I do not want anyone to have to struggle with high stress. I want them to have harmony and feeling loved.

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